Installation of Vololights with CANbus Motorcycles

Before installing Vololights onto your motorcycle, it is necessary to determine whether the power source operates on the CANBus system. CANBus is a standard bus system used to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with eachother sans a host computer.

Normally, the license plate illumination bulb is NOT on the CANBUS system.  A dealer, mechanic or wiring schematic can confirm this.  If your license plate illumination bulb or other power source is on the CANBUS system, installing there may trigger alerts on your dashboard and will affect the monitoring system.

You can use a fuse block of some sort to pull 12VDC power from the motorcycle to power these devices without setting off false alerts in your mototrcycle's monitoring system. Customers have recommended with good results. A simple Google search for 'CANBus fuse block' will net additional options.  Check with your dealer for installation of the fuse block.

For our growing list of motorcycles using CANBus, please click here.

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