Vololights Vs. Volomod

Which product is right for me, Vololights or VoloMod?

Here's a few details to consider when making your choice:



  • License plate frame mounting 
  • Provides additional surface area of lighting with 8 automotive grade LEDs to get you noticed
  • Requires your plate size to fit within our guide rails, dimensions at bottom of page here.  Check local laws if plate modification is necessary.
  • Simple 2 wire installation to 12VDC, typically connects to rear license plate illumination power
  • Integrated license plate illumination
  • No tapping of brake signal lines



  • Under seat or other 'black box' mounting
  • Uses existing lights (stock, auxillary, or signal lights) 
  • Independent of license plate sizes
  • Added feature - Standing Stop Flash can be optionally installed.  By tapping brake signal wire, a once/second flash lets drivers behind you know you are present at a stoplight or stop sign.  Actuated with either brake lever.
  • Maintains original aesthetics of your motorcycle
  • 12VDC power required
  • Two installation options
  • Today's version will not work with CANBus if the lights you are attempting to run are on the CANBUS system.  NOTE: even though a motorcycle might operate on CANBUS, the signal or brake lights may or may not be on the BUS which would allow the product to function properly.  If attempting to control lights that are on the CANBUS system, VoloMOD will not function properly.  We are updating firmware and hope to have this available by Q3 2015.
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    Roy G Johannsen

    I have installed your volomod. I think you have very good instruction. And it works as advertised. Couldnt be happer. It mounts under rear cover right above the turn and tail lights This is on A Suzuki Burgman 650. Thanks again. Roy G Johannsen

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    Thomas Dominguez

    Roy, thanks for following back up and for the kind words!  If you have any questions in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Ride safe out there.  


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