Protect Upper Circuit Board: PLEASE READ

Summary: From our known issue, there is a potential to short our the upper circuit board with the top edge of your license plate.  

Because the license plate is a conductor,  there is a chance it could wear through the factory silicon sealant and makes contact with our ribbon cable causing a short or 'burned trace.'  If this occurs, you will see a copper colored section along the silver trace.


Issue Resolution

It is necessary to ensure the license plate does not behave like a conductor across the top contacts of the ribbon cable shown below:


From The Factory

In the short term, we will be shipping product with the fiberglass tape as shown.  We will also be sending tape for customers to place along the top edge of the license plate:


In the near term, we will have the assembly house ensure these contacts are protected in a more secure fashion:


Long Term

On the second revision of the product we will be reinforcing the mold of the back plate so that this contact area is not an issue.

Additional Short Term Measures

While this might not be completely necessary, it certainly eliminates any chance of contact with the ribbon connections. One of our backers actually notched out the plate as shown:


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