Early Indication Brake lights (Simple Installation)

In this mode, the brake lights will flash quickly before you apply brakes. The intention is to get attention from the following drivers BEFORE you apply brakes. (VoloMOD senses deceleration as you release throttle and then apply brakes)


Checklist before installation

 Verify your (brake) signal lights do not run on CANBUS

  • Find out the color code of each signal wire (left, right, brake, power and gnd) from your motorcycle's wiring guide or your dealer
  • Select a clean surface on the motorcycle to install VoloMod. Surface grade should be less than 45 degrees. Avoid "negative slope" i.e. sloping back towards the motorcycle.  Flat (parallel with ground) is preferred.
  • Have the arrows point as straight towards the front of the motorcycle as possible
  • Have a friend ready to assist with calibration on a flat road or garage surface

Installation Schematic


Step 1

Using the posi-tap connector, make connection to power, ground and output 1. Trim the unused exposed wires (brake, left, right turn signals, and output 2) and tape the wires

Step 2

Turn the ignition key to the ON position.  Verify the 'OK" start up sequence of the VoloMOD. (Three quick middle red LED flash, one long red LED flash on the far right and green light ON)


Step 3

Calibration: You may need a friend for this part. With the VoloMOD arrows pointing to the front of the motorcycle and leaned to an upright riding position, introduce the magnet to the area on the VoloMod with the magnet.  Allow VoloMod approximately 10(x) seconds to finish calibration while keeping the motorcycle upright.


Step 4

Check calibration- slowly tilt the Vololights so the arrow is pointing down and make sure the two red LEDs flash. Repeat step 3 if the red LEDs are not flashing

Step 5

Carefully remove the Velcro adhesive tape attach them on your motorcycle. Place VoloMod taking care to have the arrows pointing as straight as possible to the front of the motorcycle.

Step 6

Installation Complete: Have a friend ride ride or drive behind you to check that voloMod is installed properly and indicates deceleration from engine braking or downshifting.


Ride safe and please send us your feedback and product recommendations.







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