VoloMOD Installation Manual (START HERE)

VoloMOD installation Procedure


 Wiring table

Note 1: Our connection "Brake Signal" is an input to enable a feature where the outputs will flash once a second when brake is applied. If you choose the second instalation, you may skip the orange wire but you will disable the feature where voloMOD outputs flashes once a second.

Note 2: "A" indicates amps.

First installation step is to decide which mode you would like the VoloMod to behave. Keep in mind that you can always change the mode of operation.


Two installation Options:

  1. Full Function (Turn Signal / Aux Light Indication)
    1. Uses signal lights or aftermarket auxiliary lights as outputs
    2. Automatically senses deceleration and flashes signals or auxiliary lights    
    3. Flashes once per second when stopped and brake is applied for ‘standing stop’ warning
    4. Wire splice required
    5. Make sure the +12V source can supply current to both signal outputs/aux light installation. (Recommend using a 5 A fuse)
    6. Full Function Installation Instructions


  1. Early Indication Brake Warning (Stock brake lights/simple installation)
    1. Uses stock brake light as output
    2. Automatically senses deceleration and flashes brake lights                                         
    3. Brake light turns solid once a brake lever is actuated
    4. No ‘standing stop’ indication as above
    5. Only three connections- all “tapped”, no wire spicing.  Power, ground and brake.
    6.  Early Indication (Simple) Installation Instructions



CAUTION:  Note the difference between posi-lok and posi-tap. Posi-lok is used to connect two  wires. Posi-tap is used to tap into the wire without cutting any wires.



Note the sharp edge of the posi-tap is to pierce the wire and making connection without cutting it.



Note that posilok is used to connect to discrete wires



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