Where Do I Pull 12 VDC to Power Vololights?


For most installations, the best and most convenient place to pull power is from the license plate illumination bulb.  It is typically the closest to the license plate, and the most accessible.  Since license plate illumination is integrated with the Vololights product, it is not necessary to keep power running to the factory bulb therefore eliminating the need for extra splices.  

Some motorcycles have integrated brake and license illumination bulbs and others don't have license illumination at all.  If this is the case, here are some options:


Running lights

If you have a license plate illumination that is integrated with the running lights. We recommend pulling power with a posi-tap connector.  Posi-tap connectors allow you to pull power from the running lights while leaving the original wire intact. This connector is widely available at your local electronic store and can also be purchased from our Webstore.


Fuzeblocks for CANBUS

Oftentimes, even though your motorcycle is running on CANBUS, your license plate illumination is not on CANBUS.  If pulling power from running lights is not an option and you need a relay controlled power, Fuzeblocks is a good option. We are not currently carrying Fuzeblocks, but you can purchase here.






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